Simple And Effective Methods To Remove Pet Urine Smell And Stains From Carpet

Pets are very good and sweet friends but they can create lots of mess in your home. And, if you have a carpet in your home then it can be a nightmare for you. Pets can urinate anywhere and anytime in your home, so it can be bad luck if they urinate on your carpet. Even if you trained them there are still chances of accidents happening up on your carpet, so, will you clean them safely so that they do not leave any stains behind.  Here at Carpet Cleaning Mount Barker, we deliver remove pet urine smell and stain from carpet.

Pet Urine Smell
Pet Urine Smell

So, in this article, we will discuss some simple and effective methods to remove pet urine smell and stains from carpets.

Pet Pee On The Carpet

There can be many reasons for your pet pee on your carpet. Might be their stomach is upset or any other problem they are having inside. If you are training your pet to urinate in the potty tub, then, that’s a good thing you are doing, as it will decrease the chances of accidental urination on the carpet by your pet. But, still, training will take time, till then, there are high possibilities that you have to deal with your pet’s urine. For training your pet faster you can hire a certified trainer who will train your pet very early.

Some pets face stomach inconsistency while growing up. In that case, you should get your pet checked up by an animal doctor. On the other hand, you should also notice that your pet pees in the same spot on your carpet every time. If yes, then, you seriously need to be strict with your pet as it makes it a habit to urinate there. Peeing on the same spot can lead to the occurrence of a bad smell. Even the pets do urine on the place from where they get the smell of their pee scent, so you should always make sure while cleaning that no stain or bad odor remains.

Pet Stain Cleaning Tools You’ll Need To Get Started

Scrubbing is not the right thing to do with your carpet to get rid of stains. So, to remove pet urine smells and stains from the carpet you need to have the required cleaning tools which help to remove stains from the carpet. And, I also need to take care of my hygiene.

  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Use paper towel
  • Use distilled white vinegar
  • You also need an empty spray bottle to store the vinegar solution
  • Baking soda
  • Dish sponge
  • Trash can

Let’s see what are the 5 steps to remove pet urine smells and stains from carpet:

  • Soak Up The Urine: Use a paper towel to soak the moisture with the blotting technique.
  • Apply Distilled White Vinegar And Water: Make a mixture solution of water and vinegar. Then, spray it all over the affected area.
  • Let It Sit: Let the water and vinegar solution sit for some time so that it works effectively.
  • Ensure That All Odors Are Done: Use baking soda to get rid of strong bad odors.
  • Vacuum: When you see that the spotted area is dried, do vacuum the area thoroughly.


So, these are the ways to remove pet urine smells and stains from the carpet. Follow the steps and get rid of your pet’s urine stains. Reach us via calling on 0864 909 791 or by filling out the form below.