DIY Hacks for Bleach Stain Removal From Your Carpet

Yes, we know that the first thing that comes to mind when you find a bleach stain on your carpet is to search for the best DIY hacks. In fact, most of the searches are about the “DIY hacks for bleach stain removal from your carpet” topic. Hence, we came up with the most useful DIY hacks to help you in any possible way. So, make sure to not make any plans like replacing the carpet and instead take our knowledge in DIY hacks to implement the tricks. Because this way you can save your carpet from having the worst nightmares. 

Quick DIYs Hacks To Get Rid Of Bleach Stains From Carpet 

  • Hair Dye 

Is your carpet dark in colour and the bleach stains on it are clearly visible? Then this is your chance to use your hair dye on the carpet. Because hair dye works great on bleach stains on your carpet. To implement this hack, you need to take a small fibre of carpet from the stairs and find a suitable hair dye kit for it. In fact, when you apply hair dye to the bleach stains it slowly turns the carpet into black colour. However, this is just a part of the process and there is nothing to be worried about. Quickly after applying hair dye on stains, use a quality blow-dryer to speed up the drying process. The final result is that the hair dye dries to give the exact carpet colour. 

  • Vinegar

In addition to getting rid of dirt, mould, and odours from the carpet vinegar can get rid of bleach stains too. Because vinegar is considered the best hack for bleach spots and stains. So, if your choice is to go with vinegar hack for bleach stains removal, then you opted for one of the best neutralizers. Because vinegar balances the bleach stains and gets rid of them in such a way that residual damage will also not be there. The process for using vinegar is, to add ¼ cup of vinegar to 1 cup of water and allow them to mix. Sprinkle this solution onto the bleach stains and ensure all carpet fibres are wet but not carpet. Later, use a damp cloth to blot dry the carpet. Repeat this process until you find no more bleach stains on your carpet. 

  • Acrylic Paint

There are tons of painting options on the basis of the bleach stain and the size of the carpet. However, common DIY hacks for bleach stain removal from your carpet is to use acrylic paints. Check for any loose fibres in the carpet and bring them to a nearby store to purchase matching acrylic paint. After that, mix this paint with water and apply the mixture onto each and every fibre of the carpet. Yes, this hack can be time-taking but most likely worthy too. But the important thing you need to note down is to paint the carpet lightly as too much pain can cause stiffness. Note- make sure to paint in sunlight. 

  • Crayon 

Besides using hair dye and acrylic paint, you have other options too if you want to get rid of bleach stains in the shortest time possible. So, first, take out a crayon and make sure it is close to the colour of your carpet. Then take the crayon and gently colour it into the fibres of the carpet going so far as to colouring every fibre. But if you find the crayon used area darker than the other, use a damp white cloth to lighten them. For this, you can gently rub the coloured area to remove some of the colours there and blend them in. Again separate the fibres and wipe them off completely with the extra colour until you get the satisfied results. 

  • Soapy Water Mixture

To use this DIY hack, first make sure you are ready with paper towels, warm water and mild dish soap. So, the process begins with dampening the towel and then dabbing it on bleach stains. Then make a mixture of 1 cup of warm water with ¼ teaspoon of mild dish soap and this over bleach stains. Blot the area using paper towels to lift the stains off the carpet. Now, give your wet carpet a chance to naturally dry to show the best and most satisfying results. To completely get rid of the blemish you can rinse the area with water using a paper towel. 


What is your plan if DIY hacks for bleach stain removal from your carpet will not give you the results you are looking for? Look for professionals! Experts from professional, experienced, well-known and skilled companies know how to tackle not just bleach stains but any others. Because DIY hacks can go wrong but help from experts venture will not. In fact, when you book a timeslot for carpet cleaning services, your carpet is bound to get thoroughly assessed. Only after that do experts get on the cleaning method your carpet needs. So, be worry-free about carpet damages during services, fibres getting out of the carpet, etc.